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Geotech Homz is a symbiosis of exceptional human caliber with innovative real estate development. It brings to fore the highest degree of capabilities, competence and commitment through an unmatched synergy of modern aspirations and associated fulfillment.

As one of India's growing real estate players, we stand on the threshold of heralding a new era of luxurious environments and ambiences. We back the promise of excellence with two decades of promoting and marketing superior real estate products backed by timely deliveries.

Our singular position in our chosen sphere emerges from the fact that we analyze and understand your needs and requirements with painstaking attention to detail. This attention to the specifics, results in our delivering the right real estate project, at the right time. Not only this, we are always eager to explore new vistas and opportunity to deliver best-of-the-breed real estate, across the country. All this, because we value our customers, and always put them first.

CMD Speaks

An unmatched two-decade experience as promoters and marketers of large, pan Indian realty projects. An unflinching commitment to product and service standards. A deep rooted philosophy of training and grooming our team to international standards. A firmly entrenched quality policy. An ability to meet every customer requirement through customized solutions. Unflinching principles of honesty, integrity and transparency… All these set Geotech Homz, apart from its contemporaries.

You as a customer are central to our existence. All our business systems and processes are geared towards ensuring your complete satisfaction. An in-depth analysis of your requirements ensures right solutions, which optimize the results you seek. Prompt and timely deliveries, consistency in quality and of course exemplary standards, all ensure that your experience with us is excellent in every respect.

At Geotech Homz, we strive for perfection. We understand perfection like excellence is a journey. Each new milestone is fresh start towards greater targets. As a fellow voyager towards perfection, along with my team, I assure you of impeccable standards and commitment from all of us at Geotech.

Geotech Homz

Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

  • To emerge as a leader in our chosen sphere of endeavour through dynamic growth and carve a distinct niche in diverse real estate arenas.
  • To continuously set benchmarks that become the ultimate yardstick for the industry.
  • To always place our customers first and end up at the same place ourselves.

Mission Statement

  • Focusing on customers, developing empathy with them, understanding their needs and delivering the right realty solutions at the right time is central to our mission.
  • To ensure that the future is an outcome of today's manifestation.

Our Ideology

Our values are determined by who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Our corporate philosophy reflects our culture and spirit, helping to guide our work process and business systems and shape how we are perceived by our colleagues, clients and business partners – as individuals and as an organisation.

The keynote features of our Corporate Philosophy:

  • Making our customers the heart of our business.
  • Actively engaging our customers and adapting products and services to their needs and requirements.
  • Creating customer value in each of our products and services.
  • Developing realty products and services to promote trust and share best practices.
  • Creating innovative realty products to shape a modern and flourishing India.
  • Understanding the peculiar and unique needs of our customers.
  • Offer a diverse bouquet of solutions which not just meet expectations, but delight users and customers.

Geotech Tomorrow

Geotech Homz has put strategic business systems and processes in place to further consolidate its position. It is a rising realty entity and in future will only build upon this singular position. Geotech has planned major investments in land parcels, across commercial and residential sectors, to bolster its status as an innovative real estate player.

Geotech has always put its customers first and will always continue to do so. In future, Geotech will provide even greater value to its stakeholders and customers, by shaping its role as a trusted realty organization.

The future at Geotech is not an act of contingency, it is a point in time for which active planning and forethought is being applied in the present. This makes us not only future-ready, it enables us to chart a course of successful action, both for ourselves and our customers.

Change is the only constant in the world, and at Geotech we are ready to embrace change at every level and at every stage of the future. Needless to say we are prepared to adapt to whatever changes the future brings. We are a proactive business entity and it is our ethical duty to stay prepared for tomorrow and ensure it only ushers brightness and happiness in the lives of our customers.

Our People

Being entrepreneurial is about being the first to identify and act on novel opportunities. It requires an ability to think differently, to look ahead and to focus on what could be achieved. Many people can have good ideas, but what distinguishes the people that simply speculate, from a true entrepreneur, is the ability to make change happen.

Our team of realty professionals, project management experts, civil engineers and management experts stays ahead of market trends, continually anticipating shifting customer needs and requirements. Our team draws on all the resources, skills and experience of our wider organisation and acts decisively to transform entrepreneurial ideas into successful strategies for change.

The Geotech Team is a cohesive unit which pursues the path of excellence to achieve shared goals and objectives. They relentlessly scale new levels of innovation and perfection, till they achieve what our esteemed customers aspire for.

The resource pool has been especially culled for its efficacy and performance and showcases an elite group, which has earned its respect by cutting its teeth on some of the most laudable Pan Indian real estate projects. Together, our team represents the finest amalgam of talented individuals, who pursue common goals to achieve uncommon results.

Our Benchmarks

We have dedicated years of hard work and careful planning to create a real estate business culture which replicates the highest quality standards. In the process, we have built a brand that is successful, trusted and respected.

We strive to uphold the highest ethical standards in the real estate industry. Backed by our ethics and skilful business conduct, we have built a talent pool of professionals, who value quality above all parameters of success. Today, with our experience, skills, and real estate knowledge, we are acknowledged widely for our impeccable standards and Total Quality Management.

Our Quality Policy is an offshoot of our relentless drive for impeccable benchmarks. It realigns variables and parameters of a flawless business conduct to reinforce the doctrine of our success. We endeavour to earn the confidence and loyalty of our consumers by consistently delivering thoughtful realty products of excellent quality.

We understand the diverse requirements of our esteemed customers and strive to develop and deliver superior real estate products and services to ensure that you get only the preferred choice. By constantly applying the highest of standards, we're able to deliver the right projects at the right time, while cutting waste, reducing costs and drive profitability.

Our Commitment

Our eco-sustainability initiatives extend across our business spectrum, from project design, project management, development and operations. We stand for environmental responsibility and innovation as integral parts of our business strategy and corporate culture.

We consistently strive to understand and improve the environmental footprint of our operations and projects by setting ambitious targets for water conservation, afforestation and methods to reduce the carbon footprint. Both in our real estate projects and beyond, we seek to understand and act on the direct and indirect environmental impacts of our business operations.

Our goals include:

  • Further reduce energy and water consumption.
  • Empower our development partners to build green projects.
  • Educate and inspire our customers and associates to conserve and preserve.
  • Address environmental challenges through innovative conservation.
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